Do Dogs go to Heaven? – Part II

*Animals in the Bible: Host  Fred Williams and co-host Doug McBurney survey the creation story, the skins that clothed Adam & Eve, and the order of events and descriptions for hints that might help answer whether or not dogs go to heaven, (and bear on other important topics like “why did Israel sacrifice animals?” And what did God make crystal clear from the beginning regarding His creation of man… and woman).

*Dog & Man in the Bible: A survey of dog references in the Bible reveals some interesting facts, and elicits some interesting questions.

 *Verses for, & Verses Against: Find out if Fred and Doug found verses that either change your mind or help form your opinion on the question at hand.

*Cats Anyone? Fred is pretty adamant about this one… so Doug brings up horses just to change the subject.

Sheldrake’s “Psychic” Dog: Check out the account, and the alleged refutation of Sheldrake’s experiments with Jay-Tee the Dog, Wiseman’s doubts, and your hosts' opinions…

*Science & God: Hear Fred elaborate on what will prove, (and has proven) Heaven exists & what the scientific method suggests about God’s eternal existence

*Heaven & Eternal Life: Finally! Hear your hosts get into just what we might expect once we get to Heaven.