Why Fatherhood is Important

Today's Broadcast is from back in 2009 (not 2006, as stated) with a former member and former elder of Denver Bible Church. Join them as they discuss the importance of fatherhood and their recent experience at the recent gay pride parade.

* 37% of Kids are Born Without a Dad: As Christians, we recognize our mandate from Proverbs 22:6 to raise our children.  And in today's culture, we see the devastating effects of families without fathers. This week Bob is Boy Scout camping with one of his sons. So, Jo Scott shares with the audience the experience she and others from Denver Bible Church had at the homosexual pride parade in downtown Denver. Over 100,000 people packed downtown Denver and collectively shook their fists at God. Christians shared the truth of God's word to the revelers and prayed that even in the harsh environment that they were in, that His word would penetrate the hardest of hearts. If you love someone tell them the truth. Comforting a friend with lies to avoid tension is cowardice.

Today's ResourceRomans Bible Study: Romans, the greatest theological treatise ever written, answers: Is there proof for God’s existence? What can be known of God apart from the Bible? Are men born with knowledge of God? Are men basically good or basically evil? What role will a man’s conscience play on Judgment Day? Why does God condemn sexual immorality including homosexuality? Why do we blame Adam more than Eve? Who is Jesus Christ? Is there any hope for the man who has never heard the Gospel?