Open Theism | The Basics

Heads up! - We've got another Open Theism debate coming up this Friday, June 10th at 5 pm (Mountain time). Will Duffy Vs. Chris Date on the Explore Christianity YouTube channel. "Does Open Theism Best Explain the Biblical data?"

Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, in preparation for the upcoming Open Theism debate we’re going to look at the basics of Open Theism. God is alive, and He is free. We look at some verses which give us the privilege of peeking into the mind of God Himself.

The definition of Open Theism (taken from is, "Open Theism is the Christian doctrine that God exists within time, that He is alive, eternally free, and inexhaustibly creative. Because God is free, the future must be unsettled and unestablished."

Today's Resource: Predestination & Free Will Debate

P%26FW%20Debate.jpgBob Enyart vs. Brian Schwertly

Can God change? Does He change? Has God pre-planned all events? Is your life following a complete script, written before you were born? Has it been decided in advance which, if any, of your children will go to heaven or hell?