RSR and the Meaning of Life - Part II

Fred & co-host Doug McBurney discuss NPR, the beginning and purpose of Real Science Radio, the scientific and theological implications of atheism, laminin and the meaning of life.


*Hydroplate Hit Pieces - Fred & co-host Doug McBurney discuss two recent HPT hit pieces by Edward Isaacs, (or was that Isaac Edwards…) in both the Answers in Genesis Review Journal and the Journal of Creation. The ARJ article tries to push the narrative that ichnofossils (e.g. footprints) somehow disprove the liquefaction claims of the hydroplate theory. The JoC article challenges HPT's handling of volcanism. Both articles are clearly a case of majoring in the minors, and can be likened to a Jenga game built with sticks, where the author tries to tumble the structure down by pulling a few toothpicks from the top.


*At the Cross:  Fred & Doug embark upon an epic discussion that emanates from the penumbra of laminin, (and whether or not it resembles the shape of the cross, and what we should or shouldn’t say about it anyway).


*A Little Bit About Laminin: Fred Williams discusses an article from the Journal Cell Adhesion & Migration to help us better understand the little he knows, (and it turns out to be the little anyone really knows) about the sophisticated properties, interactions and behavior of laminin!


*RSR, Fridays & The Meaning of Life: Hear about the beginnings of RSR, the slings and arrows of NPR’s “Science” Friday, and as an aside; Fred answers the question: “what is the meaning of life, and why are we here?”