Earth Worship = God Hatred

Today on The Dominic Enyart Show, we’re discussing the origins of Earth Day which is allegedly celebrated by billions all across the globe. While the left would have you believe it’s just another cute day to add to the calendar, in reality, Earth Day (which was last Friday, April 22) is a holiday created by murderers and celebrated suicidal arsonists. Why is that? Listen today to find out!

Today’s Resource: Genesis - Creation

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A rock cannot make itself and a fire cannot burn forever. Matter cannot come from non-matter and a perpetual motion machine cannot exist. Therefore, the universe could not have made itself from nothing, nor could it have always been moving, churning, working, and burning. Another way to state these first two laws of thermodynamics is that the physical universe must have had a supernatural Creator sometime in the recent past. This study presents the scientifically compelling Genesis story. Of all men, Christians more than any are able to weave the latest findings into our understanding of the fabric of the universe. Since God created the physical universe, good science reveals God. And while some say that you cannot prove the existence of God, the Bible tells us that the clear evidence of His personal, powerful, and eternal existence is manifest through the creation!