Dobson Not Against Homosexual on Court

* Broadcast Classic

* Focus Open to Latest 'Gay' Agenda: Homosexual activists hope to seat a homosexual for life on the United States Supreme Court to obtain anti-Christian, pro-homosexual rulings. Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family in their latest act of moral relativism has stated that in principle they would not oppose confirmation of a homosexual to the nation's high court. A homosexual justice would likely rule against Focus on the Family regarding the policy battles they have fought, including:
- to prevent homosexuals from adopting children
- to prevent promotion of homosexuality to school children
- to prevent homosexuals from forcing Christians to hire them
- to prevent homosexuals from forcing Christians to rent to them
- to prevent homosexuals from forcing Christians to do business with them, and
- to defend marriage as a God-given union of one man and one woman.

Greg Sargent at the Washington Post news outlet reports (update: and now confirmed by Christian leader Brannon Howse at the Worldview Times) that Focus on the Family "won't oppose a gay SCOTUS nominee over sexual orientation. 'We agree with Senator Sessions,' Bruce Hausknecht, a spokesperson for Focus on the Family, which was founded by top religious right figure James Dobson, told me a few minutes ago. 'The issue is not their sexual orientation. It's whether they are a good judge or not.' Their sexual orientation 'should never come up,' he continued. 'It's not even pertinent to the equation.'" Meanwhile, homosexuals "had expected that the group would oppose an openly gay nominee..." being caught off guard because these activists have not heard the BEL report: Focus on the History - of Gay Rights.

* Hear Retracted Focus on the Family Audio: Focus on the Family has removed Dr. James Dobson's farewell address from their website after portions aired on the leading pro-life talk show in Iowa. The London-based Telegraph newspaper reported of a BEL friend: "Steve Deace, an evangelical radio talk show host in Iowa... broadcast a recording of Mr Dobson's address, which he said had appeared on Focus on the Family's website before disappearing." On May 13, Mr. Deace interviewed Bob Enyart on the Pro-Lifers Arrested by Pro-Lifers described at as "Bob Enyart of American Right to Life joins Deace to talk about being arrested and tried for trespassing on the grounds at Focus on the Family." The two talk hosts compare Notre Dame arresting Alan Keyes with Focus arresting pro-lifers who were calling upon Dr. Dobson to stop violating the pro-life oath he made while invoking God's name! BEL obtained the Dobson farewell audio from Deace and airs it in today's program.

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