Dom’s Interaction with a Cult of Death Worshipers

Today Dominic handles a very touchy subject. While celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Sunday, Dominic had the chance to interact with a cult of death & suicide worshipers. Today Dominic explains why…

The selfish act of attempting to escape your pain (physical or emotional) by disrespecting God, and ending your own life.

…is both immoral and illegal. As well as explaining why we shouldn’t be surprised when the left celebrates suicide. Also, there was extreme overlap between the suicide cult and the LGBT groups. This defeats the notion that high transgender suicide rates are the fault of Christian conservatives. Rather, those who unashamedly encourage suicide are to blame.

Also to hear the two shows Dominic mentioned on the show today click the links below:
Self Improvement > Self Acceptance
Murder isn’t Surprising when we live in a Culture of Death

Today's Resource: End Times Seminar
End%20Times%20Seminar%20RGB.jpgPresented to a live audience just four days after the 9/11 terrorist attack on America, Bob Enyart presented the stunning Bible verses being quoted by Last Days preachers. And then he gives a startling answer (in fact, some in the front rows actually jumped in their seats) to the question: Are we seeing End Times prophecy fulfilled before our very eyes? No one can be an expert on Last Days prophecy unless he first has a solid grasp of the plot of Scripture, for the plot of the Bible is the key to its details, and eschatology is one of those details. God's Word says surprising things about time, eternity, the tribulation, the kingdom, and the new heaven and new earth. Thousands have enjoyed Bob's Bible seminars for their entertaining yet serious presentation. Now you can benefit from this very exciting Bible study!