Origins of Life, Brought to You By Automatons

RSR Host Fred Williams is joined by Daniel Hedrick for another Contemporary Science Review show. This week the duo look at the ongoing efforts of secular scientists' quest to explain the origins of life while skirting around the huge elephant in the room of Intelligent Design. Instead of using chemicals in the lab such as the Miller–Urey experiment, secular scientists are now resorting to virtual or computer simulations that give the illusion that ecosystems evolve. What these Life Simulators have in common is that they are designed by intelligent minds, and predicated on initial input conditions determined by the intelligent user of the simulator. Daniel also exposes the weakness of AI by inputting a sentence into the AI powered web app Wordtune, which then outputted sentences that changed the meaning. OpenAI recently overhauled their language model in an attempt to address complaints about toxic language and misinformation.