The Fix is In on the Fundamental Constants, Part II

Fred & Doug continue to sift through evidence that several fundamental constants aren't so constant after all. They explore the history and scientists behind the various physical constants, including Plank's constant and zero point energy. The RSR co-hosts also continue to dissect Einstein's special theory of relativity and its commitment to the speed of light being constant in a vacuum. One of the most touted experiments that purportedly confirmed special relativity was an experiment using atomic clocks. Ironically, the inventor of the atomic clock, British physicist Louis Essen, was highly critical of the experiment and tried to publish his objections in Nature magazine, but was rejected despite his having more experience than anyone on the planet with atomic clocks! He was warned not to challenge the sacred cow of special relativity, which is reminiscent of how the secular journals also censor anyone critical of their sacred cow of evolution. Fred and Doug then explore the theological implications of relative time taught by Einstein, and how its acceptance is eerily similar to how millions of years and evolution have corrupted Christendom and led to compromises with scripture. RSR takes the controversial and bold position that special relativity has misled many Christians into accepting the speculative and Biblically untenable notion that God is outside of time and that He created time on day 1. Finally, there are some truly universal constants, such as the presence of the Creator (Romans 11:36), the judgement of God judgement (Psalm 9:7), His holy attributes (James 1:17), and the love of the Savior (Hebrews 10:12).