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* Just in time for the Last Days financial melt down: We're going back to 2015 when Bob Enyart and his nephew Brian Enyart Jr. discussed money itself. What makes an economy function? What is fractional banking? And our BEL article, What is money?


* Amending Walter Williams: Economist Walter Williams is a truly great mind. So only with careful thought do we offer two caveats to his otherwise brilliant remarks. First, crime doesn't pay. Only from an insufficiently broad perspective can someone speak of the "benefit" that comes from government economic intervention to politicians, big corporations, or unions. In the same way that the criminal does not "benefit" from his crime, typically, those who receive stolen goods are harmed more so than those who are plundered.

Secondly, when a governmental or moral argument rests on the U.S. Constitution, as Williams here references Article 1, typically that argument will stand on unsure footing and be vulnerable to simple refutation. For example, Williams praises the Constitution for giving us limited government. However, that same Article 1 also regulated the ownership of most blacks in America as slaves, which gave government support for control over 100% of the lives of millions of human beings. Further, the Commerce Clause from Article 1 is the epitome of the camel's nose under the tent. In practice this clause has given control to the federal government, time after time, where it has wished to regulate vast domains of American life. And if Article 1 is the camel's nose, the 10th amendment is the back of its skull, for of the powers not granted by the constitution to the federal government, an undefined percentage of those that a government might usurp, "are reserved to the States". Rather than on a mere constitution, arguments regarding morality, economics, and governance should be anchored upon God's revealed word, and certainly not on a compromised political document from the 18th century.

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