Pastor Ed Taylor of Calvary Chapel Aurora

 Before playing the broadcast classic of Bob Enyart vs. Ed Taylor, Dominic Enyart shares his experience visiting Calvery Chapel Aurora.

God said of Abraham, "Now I know...": and BEL plays a 2005 clip from Calvary pastor Ed Taylor, in which he says that God meant, "Now Abraham knows." Bob Enyart presents biblical material showing that God's five primary attributes supersede the "Omni-" and "Im-" Latin and Greek philosophical attributes. The fundamental attributes of God as presented in Scripture are that God is 1) Living 2) Personal 3) Relational 4) Good and 5) Loving. Because God is living and relational, He must and does change, and God's love for man moved God the Son to become flesh, and because God is good He could not forgave us by fiat (mere declaration), but He had to pay the penalty for our sin, which is why the Son "became a curse," and "became sin" for us, and why the God the Father poured out His wrath upon the Son, something He did only once, and does not do eternally, dispelling the pagan Greek philosophical concept that God is utterly immutable, and showing instead that God changes! Thus, because God changes, the future is not settled, but open. And God always has been, and is still, creative, and if He would like to, contrary to the theology of countless pastors, God can still write a new song!

Post-show Updates:
 * Kent Hovind: This popular creation teacher was sentenced today to 10 years in jail, followed by 3 years probation, and a $600,000 judgment, all for income tax evasion. His wife has been granted a one-month extension to her sentencing, during which time the family hopes to avert jail time for her.

 * Ed Taylor Took a Call from Bob: We've recorded a show on Denver's FM 94.7 KRKS radio in which Calvary pastor Ed Taylor took a call from a woman who had heard today's Bob Enyart Live program, and then Pastor Ed took a call from Bob, and the two pastors had an interesting five-minute discussion about God, and whether He is free and able to write a new song, or create new thing.

Today's Resource: Predestination & Free Will Debate

P%26FW%20Debate.jpgBob Enyart vs. Brian Schwertly

Can God change? Does He change? Has God pre-planned all events? Is your life following a complete script, written before you were born? Has it been decided in advance which, if any, of your children will go to heaven or hell?