Fred and Ryan Cover a Touchy Subject

RSR host Fred Williams is joined by Ryan Williams to review the latest Creation Magazine. Scientists figured out how mussels make their amazing underwater adhesive, showing yet another engineering marvel with important precision. As one of the lead scientists noted: "It's a matter of bringing together the right ingredients, under the right conditions using the right timing. The more we understand about the process, the better engineers will later be able to adapt these concepts for manufacturing bio-inspired materials." Other topics covered was the amazing discovery that bats know the speed of sound. The study showed that bats don't measure distance with their sonar, they instead measure the time for the sonar to travel. When placed in an environment that caused the speed of sound to travel faster, the bats consistently landed in front of the target they were flying to, due to the bats perceiving the target to be closer. Fred and Ryan also reviewed RSR's list of the genius of ancient man, including how astronomers in India obtained the period of Mercury in the 3rd millennium B.C.