Terminal Lucidity Part 3, Neuroscience defeats Materialism

In Part 3 of the Terminal Lucidity series, RSR host Fred Williams and information security expert Daniel Hedrick wrap up their take on artificial intelligence, including a biblical take on the Liar's paradox and its reference in the Bible. They then shift to neuroscience and quantum physics. Many neuroscientists began their career as materialists, but after years of probing the brain became convinced that the mind is non-physical and separate from the body. Noted neuroscientist  Dr Michael Egnor argues that the brain actually constrains the mind, much as a lampshade constrains light or a house tap constrains water. Also covered is the amazing evidence from split brain surgery that brilliantly shows how the mind is a non material consciousness. Finally, Fred and Daniel cover physicist Nick Hebert's YouTube video Consciousness and Quantum Reality, marveling how atheists bemoan the overwhelming evidence from quantum physics against materialism. It's a dilemma they call "horrendous," whereas Christians react with amazement, excitement, and awe!