NY State Reminds Us Why Criminals Love Liberals

In January, we post online KGOV's Proposed Constitution for America. It may anger those who think the U.S. can be saved by abiding by the current U.S. constitution (which itself is completely unconstitutional). Idols come in many shapes and sizes and whether it's made of stone, wood, or paper, it has the same effect. In preparation for publishing our proposed constitution, today we look at the horrific, criminal action of New York State, that takes effect tomorrow, January 1, 2020. And at the end of today's program, Bob mentions a possible new science technique for using triangulation to measure galactic distances. See what you think, at rsr.org/stretched#triangulation.

Today's Resource: The ACLU Debate

ACLU_Debate_converted__94430.1570564249.jpgBob squares off against the Executive Director of the Colorado ACLU, Jim Joy in a televised debate on a Denver PBS station. Watch as joyless Jim hesitantly admits to the ACLU’s support for the sale of child pornography. And which of the two opponents do you suppose will better know (or admit) the ACLU’s own role regarding Jack "The Dripper" Kevorkian and his killing of sick people? Ultimately, the two men debate who is most qualified to govern, pagans, or biblical Christians. Another must see video!