Doug Sits In for Bob

* The Ecclesiastes Test: Guest host Doug McBurney reads from Ecclesiastes Chapter 5 in order to reinforce his assertion that reading Ecclesiastes is a good way to evaluate how well you know the author of the Bible..


* Drudgery: Doug tried visiting other so called "conservative" news aggregators and has found Matt Drudge to be the least crazy and annoying among them.


* Farewell Tour: At least 5 tourists were killed while hiking an active volcano in New Zealand. Hear your hosts thoughts on when to tour a volcano.


* The Latest Kowtow: Find out why GQ kept the unkept, hung-over Boris Johnson on its list of worst dressed men, but scrubbed Xi Jinping…


* Scrubbing Reality: Speaking of scrubbing; listen in to the story of a murderer who has not only gotten away with his crime, but now wants any mention of the fact that he murdered 2 people scrubbed from the Internet!


* Criminal Justice Officials: Hear all about how Baltimore’s rabid pit bull State’s Attorney Marylin Mosby, Barry Scheck and other assorted “Schecker andJivers” claim to be “exonerating” murderers, when your host suspects they are actually turning justice on it’s head.


Today's resource: God's Criminal Justice System: Does the Bible support the death penalty before the crucifixion? How about after the crucifixion? The death penalty forms the centerpiece of the Gospel. The first and last books of the Bible deal with execution, as do the Old and New Testaments generally. Enjoy this presentation of God's ideas about criminal justice. Many Christians pray for an open door to share the Gospel with a friend. That door opens with every newscast, and with the reading of every newspaper, for those who benefit from God's Criminal Justice System. Meanwhile, discover the unique style of Bob Enyart and enjoy all of his teaching tapes.God's Criminal Justice System MP3 CD

The Bible tells the story of human history and the work of God for His creation. And as all good stories do, Scripture has a plot! Grasping the big picture will help you reconcile many seemingly contradictory and controversial Bible passages. So consider listening to The Plot series based on Bob’s manuscript of the same title. Then enjoy these book studies and see how the big picture can help you to better know the living God.

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