Shhh! Don't tell Fred yet! Darwin's finches in hyperspeed!

Will Duffy vs CJ Borns Open Theism debate poster, Nov. 23, 2019 on YouTube

Bob Enyart shares the emergency room nurse's email (anonymizing her name and Colorado hospital) who warns about the underreporting of crime for potheads and other druggies. First though he shares the results of an astounding scientific experiment. Lord willing, in December, Real Science Radio will air an interview with an American Israeli scientist. To make up for the nine-hour difference between Denver and Jerusalem, early this morning Bob interviewed by phone Dr. Lee Spetner. Today's program deserves a spoiler alert because we share two incredible highlights from that upcoming RSR broadcast, one regarding 40 colonies of bacteria and the other about what happened to birds of a single species of finch, not over a period of 2.3 million years, but over only 17 years! And, shhh! Don't tell Bob's co-host Fred Williams about these experiments. Bob wants to spring this on him live in studio.

Today's Resource: Understanding Exodus Holiday Set


This amazing set would make a perfect gift with the holidays coming up! 

This pack of resources will give you EVERYTHING you need to know about the Exodus!

You will receive:

-RSR's Evidence for the Exodus (mp3)
-Patterns of Evidence- The Exodus
-Patterns of Evidence- The Moses Controversy
-Exodus Story (mp3)
-Exodus Code (mp3)
-Exodus Symbols (mp3)


RSR's Evidence for the Exodus:
 Bob Enyart and Fred Williams present a new series on the historical evidence for Israel's sojourn in and their exodus from the land of Egypt. The series includes our interview with filmmaker Timothy Mahoney on his fabulous Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus, and our 2019 Mahoney interview for the Patterns: Moses sequel!)

Patterns of Evidence- The Exodus
 Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus award-winning documentary by filmmaker Timothy Mahoney chronicles an archaeological investigation in Egypt as his team corroborates the biblical text. The film explores one fundamental question: Is there evidence that the Exodus story actually happened? Twelve years in the making, this documentary reveals new or rarely seen evidence regarding the Israelites descent into slavery, their Exodus from Egypt, and their ultimate conquest of the Promised Land. Although many scholars and archaeologists deny the validity of the Exodus story for lack of proof, Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus builds a case that sheds new light on this history of the Hebrews.

Patterns of Evidence- The Moses Controversy
 Did Moses write the first books of the Bible? Many mainstream scholars say NO! But the Bible states YES!  Award-winning filmmaker Timothy Mahoney (Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus) is back again, bringing new evidence to light in the latest documentary: Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy. 

What Mahoney's investigation lead to is the groundbreaking discovery that the world's first alphabet actually originated in Egypt. Did the Israelites invent this alphabet in time for Moses to write the Bible?

This thought-provoking and controversial film asks hard questions of some of the world's leading experts in Egyptology, ancient Hebrew and early languages. Filmed in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Europe and the USA with stunning cinematography and life-like Biblical recreations, Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy will captivate audiences of all ages. 

Exodus Story:
 The Exodus Story, the first album in Bob Enyart's study of the book of Exodus, explores one of the most thrilling stories in the Bible. For the first time in the Biblical record we see God directly attack Pagan deities and worldly powers. The book of Exodus sheds light not only on God's plan for Israel, but also reveals undeniable truths about man's reaction to miracles. Also hear Bob refute the argument that there is no extra-biblical evidence for the exodus. The exodus is an old story brought to new life in this unique examination. Bob Enyart draws lessons and truths that have heretofore remained undiscovered.

Exodus Code:
 On the day Moses delivered the Ten Commandments about three thousand souls died (Exodus 32:28). And on the day that God gave the Holy Spirit, about three thousand souls were saved (Acts 2:41). Explaining that contrast, Paul wrote that the law kills but the Spirit gives life (2 Cor. 3:6,7,17). That Law of the Ten Commandments is the basis of an entire criminal code revealed in Exodus. But it doesn't end there. Contained within the document that convicts the world, Salvation is found. Join Bob for an insightful study that considers the deep meaning of the Exodus Code. Discover the unique style of Bob Enyart, and enjoy all of his teaching tapes.

Exodus Symbols:
 As an apologist at heart (that is, a defender of the Gospel), Bob Enyart begins this final section of our Exodus series by presenting the latest astounding discoveries from the discipline of Egyptology. Scholars and scientists have long uncovered tremendous evidence corroborating the Bible's account of creation, the global flood, the supernatural fall of Jericho, Israel's kingdom, and ultimately, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, scant corroborating evidence for the Exodus has long been known. So Bob presents the newly uncovered mountain of evidence for the historicity of Israel's sojourn in Egypt and then the Exodus itself!

After the Holy Spirit inspired Moses to record the text for our previous two installments of this study, the story of the Exodus itself and then the Exodus legal code, God then revealed to this deliverer Israel's symbolic ordinances of the sacrifices, the tabernacle, and the priesthood. What does it all mean? Jesus taught that the Scriptures speak of Him. So, that is how we interpret the symbolic sections of the Hebrew Bible. The portions of Scripture that contain less historical narrative and more religious ritual tell us much about Christ, His sacrifice, and His mission. So, along with the teacher, the student too must begin by keeping Jesus Christ foremost in mind and in interpretation. This study uses that primary methodology, that the shed blood, the ark of the testimony, and the mediators, all speak of the Messiah. Then, Bob applies the other lessons learned from his "Hermeneutics: Tools for Understanding the Bible". As a result, the meaning of many symbolic details, particulars that at first may seem mysterious and even inscrutable, often become clear as we conclude our verse-by-verse study of the second book in the Bible, Moses' book of The Exodus!