#MeToo Movement Gives Pass to the Many Abortionists Raping Women

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Bob Enyart interviews Mark Crutcher on America's Carefully Hidden Sex Scandal. A hundred leaders of the #MeToo movement, and their politicians, notified by Texas' Life Dynamics of this explosive report appear willing to continue the coverup of widespread sexual assault of women as long as it is committed by men sufficiently powerful in the leftwing hierachry, that is, by abortionists. On today's program, Bob also mentioned kgov.com/tom-healey and the passing today of a hero and our dear friend! Bob and Mark also discuss Texas bureacrat and governor Greg Abbott who is breaking his promise to deceased teen Jeremiah Thomas, unsurprisingly after his many years of squandering his authority as attorney general there and allowing abortion mills to violate the mandatory reporting of suspected sexual assaul of minors. Finally, the guys talk about Mark's video interview of abortion clinic employees titled Babies Born Alive Daily.

* * Denver Bible Church Residential Protest of Savita Ginde: Carole Novielli of the saynsumthn blog wrote Protesters greet Planned Parenthood baby parts doc at her home, and included this graphic: 

Abortionist home visit to Savita Ginde's place

* First we Gave Notice of the Upcoming Residential Protest of Savita Ginde's Neighborhood:





















* And Real Science Radio's Contribution: