Judging a Book by its Cover

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On this slow (or even no) news day, Bob Enyart shares his reply to an angry author who's book Bob judged by its cover. Regarding the error of another book, would you want to hear the 88 reasons that didn't prove the rapture would happen in 1988? No? Neither would we. (The fact that the author of that particular book was a former NASA engineer is irrelevant.) In this slow news week on this no news day, Bob answered, "Be myself" to a barista's question, "So Bob, what are you going to do for World Kindness Day?", by describing the good, the bad, and the ugly of being kind. And then, speaking of wrath and vengenance, many people in Texas including the jury that decided for the mother of James Younger (who wants to turn her son into a girl) are facing the worst possible outcome on Judgment Day, unless they repent. [Clarification: A month ago the judge had modified the jury's decision to benefit the father. We apologize for getting caught in a news loop undertow while surfing social media.] Bob concludes by discussing ABC, RSR, ARTL, KGOV, and HPT moving to TOL! Wow, now THAT's BIG NEWS!

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