What Could Go Wrong? (in California, on 9News, on ABC, and the BBC)

City mayors want to takeover the Pacific Gas and Electric Company that services much of California. What could possibly go wrong? First Bob comprehensively analyzes the dangers involved in the municipalization of PG&E. Then he gives the one-word that motivated ABC News to kill Amy Robach's Epstein/Andrew/Clinton story in 2016. (See kgov.com/hillary.) Next he reports on the lesbian Colorado mother who murdered her daughter after faking her death, and the family friend who, like millions of other Christians, misunderstands forgiveness. Finally, the third audio source Bob airs is the BBC's interview with late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart. (See also kgov.com/hern.) The child killer shocks the naive (and evil) reporter Hilary Andersson by openly referring to the fetus as a baby and answering "no" when she asks, "You don't have a problem with killing a baby?"