Rush is Guilty or CNN Believes "Sin" is Real

Leftists are not merely our opponents. They're also our mission field. And when we lie and carelessly misrepresent them, we give them yet another excuse to ignore us when we share the Gospel with them. Rush Limbaugh claimed that CNN's Keith Boykin said that God was punishing Ronald Regan for his sin by causing a wildfire to threaten his library. But Boykin didn't say that. CNN commentators SHOULD believe that sin is real. But they don't. They should believe it is real because it is, and because denying the existence of sin equals denying the God who judges. And Rush Limbaugh should not misrepresent someone, even a leftist at CNN, because God said Do not bear false witness against your neighbor, and because his listeners will mimic him and recklessly push their unbelieving family members even further from hearing the Gospel. Bob Enyart also discussed why liberals make liars and fornicators, and losers and thugs, into their heroes. And he gave brief updates on the demographic switch from children to replacement dogs, and trucking automation, and the ability to detect breast cancer with a targeted antibodies blood test five years before symptoms develop! For more see and