Please Steal This Show

* I-25… Repentance Road? Bob and co-host Doug McBurney talk about the defacement of Colorado Right to Life’s Billboard along the freeway in Southern Colorado, (and the hope that the vandal repents).


* Low Sticking: Michael Mann’s failure to produce the data that would have prevented his loss in court to scientist Tim Ball proves to us that the data really does not exist.


* Friendly Plagiarism: Find out about the upcoming contest to uncover Doc Johnston’s plagiarism of Bob Enyart Live in his movie “The Reliant”.


* Quantum Investigation: Find out how Bob’s Quantum computing analogy helped Doug discover another Quantum analogy on Forensic Files.


* Going Broke with Donald Trump: ….and the entire RE-publican party for the past 30 years does not seem to effect the election cycle paradigm in the least, further supporting Bob’s theory that everyone is mentally ill.


* Cockpit Comparison? If you want to know how female fighter pilots’ abilities compare to their male counterparts… well, you’re apparently not even allowed to ask.