Trump Congratulates China's Genocidal Communist Government!

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Trump's Last Supper with Christian leaders asking which will betray him

* The Ruskies and the Red ChineseThe Russians slaughtered tens of millions of their own people and robbed tens of millions of others of their freedom. Yet America's liberals didn't turn against them until they assumed that the Russians caused the Democrats to lose a single election. That's why there's a hell. As for the Republicans, in the past decades Red China's communist government has denied a billion people the freedom to have children, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, committed millions of forced abortions, and murdered 40 million of their own people. And so today, President Donald Trump tweets, "Congratulations to President Xi and the Chinese people on the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China!" The main goal of course is getting a "good deal" on trade. But then, what kind of deal is Trump getting for his own soul?

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