Pride vs Humility

* Telethon: Our annual September telethon is at $21,000 of $40,000! Please help!

* Correction: Sean and Ellen Masters! On today's program, Bob mentioned friends from Indiana who played a major roll in closing down the Gosnell II abortion clinic there. He accidentally said the wrong names (ask his sons; he does that occasionally), but to correct that, their names are Sean and Ellen Masters!

* Ring the Police: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney give a hat tip to Ring Doorbells, who’s management are actively building relationships with the local police to help solve, (and deter) crime.

* Defending Pedophilia: MIT professor Richard Stallman has made a career of defending pedophilia, yet he remains on staff at the university. We call for his termination, (and arrest).

* Two or Three Witnesses: Bob & Doug discuss the David Gelerntner article "Giving Up Darwin" in more detail, and illuminate the fact that for him, and others information and knowledge are not enough when it comes to seeking the truth and the right way.

* Scalpels or AR-15s: While the discovery of over 2000 dead babies in the home of former abortionist (and current resident of Hell) Ulrich Klopfer has not led any of the presidential candidates to call for banning scalpels or suction machines, it did give an opportunity to condemn child killing and take on the idea that America is the most violent nation on earth because of all the guns.

* Correction: On today's program Bob named the wrong friends involved in closing down the South Bend abortion mill. We'll ask him who he actually meant and get this corrected soon! Sorry for any inconvience.

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