Weinstein Case Twists and Turns: Bloom & Canosa

($7,150 of $40,000. Thank you so much, and to others, please help if you can!) Trading sex for work spawns more victims as surely as those who pay kidnappers breed more victims. Two famous women, along with the New York Times, have harmed actual victims of sexual assault and undermine the vitally important #MeToo movement. Many Christians kneejerk against the movement thinking it a conspiracy to sideline Roy Moore and Donald Trump. In reality though, hundreds of powerful liberal men have justly lost their careers for their overtly despicable behavior. And no, neither a legal conviction nor the criminal justice standard is required to boycott an entertainer, vote against a candidate, or to fire an employee. Ally Canosa though, a woman who has harmed other women by trying to "sleep her way to the top" as evidenced by her follow up emails, including on the morning after her alleged rape, to Harvey Weinstein, saying, "I'm thinking about you", and another a few months later saying, "Miss you too. Love to you and the girls", and two years later, "hi love" and, "You have been my mentor and friend for many years now and have never failed to give me the right advice. I am trying to figure out what my next step should be for my career as a whole and I trust your guidance completely." Yes, completely. "love, Ally." Canosa was a potential victim but by willfully complying became the worst kind of enabler and even a subtle accomplice by providing the "payoff" for Weinstein's sexual manipulations of women generally. And in overselling her victimization she handed an excuse to those who want to deny the harm done to countless other women. The other woman who has hurt true Harvey victims is Lisa Bloom, the real-life daughter of a real-life character Gloria Alred in Bob Enyart's novel The First Five Days. Back when Fox News Channel apologized to Bob (kgov.com/fox) for setting him up to be severely sexually harassed by a Hollywood actress, on air no less (to mock him for his Christian views), Wendy Walsh alerted Lisa Bloom to Bob's case and Bloom's brief interaction led to a personal apology to Bob from Kevin Lord, FNC's executive vice president. As it turns out though, Weinstein was paying Bloom a thousand dollars an hour to help destroy the reputations of the women that he had abused. And the NY Times also hurt women when they included Christine Blasey Ford, who falsely accused Brett Kavanaugh, among the true victims of sexual harassment and assault.