Reason #1,126 and Another Relapsed Ex-Homosexual

Bob explains why a government school, per se, is even more evil than a godless school, as he shares yet another reason to keep your kids out of a public school. The BEL Telethon continues our long effort to save kids from government schools as we've so far raise $2,755 of our $40,000 goal. Please help by calling 800-8Enyart (836-9278) or going to Bob then reports on yet another conversion therapy leader who declares himself a homosexual, and points out that this is yet another relapse, as Bob warned in studio the founders of Where Grace Abounds back in 1992.

BEL Telethon $2,755 Toward $40,00 Goal so far!

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$100 Parker
$25 Littleton
$20 Arvada

$170 Fisher
$50 Columbus
$30 Martinsville
$25 Bloomington

$60 Bondsville

$500 Pitcairn


Total: $2,755 toward $40,000 goal! Please help