If it's a choice between Dorian and KGOV...


Hurricane_Dorian.jpgBob Enyart thanks the listeners who have already given $2,000 toward our $40,000 telethon goal but urges everyone to especially consider giving for the hurricane victims in the Bahamas. Then Bob reads the headlines to demonstrate how a Christian can exercise their biblical worldiew. First, regarding LA's active earthquake fault and the 770,000 death toll since Bob's 2014 debate with a geophysicist. Secondly regarding China's far-side of the moon surprise discoveries of how cold it is, all the olivine they're finding, and the object that looks "gel" like. Third, the ten teenagers shot at an Alabama high school football game tragically reinforcing Bob's kgov.com/crime "can't vs won't" less from last week. And fourth, Bob laments the Islamic Al-Hawl camp of 75,000 mostly women and children dispersed after the fall of ISIS (with many ready to repopulate the caliphate) and with his comments earlier in the program helps to explain the (partial) conquest of Canaan.

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