Zebra Finches and Zebra Fish Uniquely Share 19 Gene Families!

Zebra finchReal Science Radio host Bob Enyart shares a few discoveries reported in the latest edition of Creation magazine and interestingly, they further SQUEEZE the theory of evolution as in our latest series, Evolution's Big Squeeze! But then Bob shares another extraordinary discovery that fits in with our List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit! As presented on RSR for years now, we believe that the distribution of gene families will not support common descent and the Darwinian Tree of Life. Instead, they will support the software engineering model of shared code libraries, including for example the shared echolocation coding among bats and whales, the elephant shrew being closer genetically to an elephant than to other shrews, and the close relationship between the zebra finch and zebra fish which by common descent should share no unique gene families but which actually share nineteen! See rsr.org/predictions#libraries.