THE TRUMP (vulgarity) EFFECT and A Prediction Stunner

politicians-vulgarity-trump-effect.pngThe Trump (vulgarity) Effect: The crude demeanor of the candidate supported by Christians gives permission to the rest of the vile political class to be as filthy as they want, with a ten-fold explosion in cussing since Trump took office.

* Another Stunning BEL Science Prediction: In a preview of a future RSR show, Bob explains his stunning that may soon be confirmed, about the genetic libraries used to design sometimes farflung creatures that, nonetheless, have astounding and otherwise inexplicable genetic similarities, including for example elephants and elephant shrews, zebra finches and fish, and bats and whales!

* Adobe Framemaker: RSR needs Framemaker help for a very important, even historic, creation project! If you are good at Framemaker, please email Thanks!

* Islamic Lethal Terror Attacks at 35,400: Bob updates the terror tally, from with the latest Islamic attack killing 63 men, women and children at a Muslim wedding. (Unrelated: There's no truth to the rumor that Epstein's BFF Alexander Acosta was himself on suicide watch.)

* Confused Pro-lifers Glad Trump Defunding Planned Parenthood: Two years after they celebrated Trump defunding Planned Parenthood, pro-lifers are celebrating Trump defunding Planned Parenthood. Bob explains the latest funding developements. (And, oh yeah, reminds everyone that President Bush's father was on Planned Parenthood's board with Margaret Sanger.)