Rage or Repent

StateTitle.jpg* Stem Sells: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney discuss the attention being given to unsubstantiated stem cell treatments offered by “clinics”, and how such clinics should actually be regulated.


* STEM tells: Bob and Doug met a STEM teacher running a storage unit business and introduced her to Dinosaur Soft Tissue.


* The Death Penalty: was redirected and amplified again when a killer who should have been executed murdered a police officer in Riverside, California.


* A Taunting: In Philadelphia crowds left their homes to find out what all the shooting was about, and some of them taunted the police standing between them and the shooter. Hear Bob psychoanalyze this and other mental disorders.

* Reason 1,203: to get or keep your kids out of the government schools: the school secretary might text dirty pictures to them.


* The Tyrant Next Door: Listen in as Bob reads an email from a fellow monarchist and hear why a king would be better than a congress.


* Sluts: The Next Generation: Bob recounts his warning about giving contraceptive to public school kids 30 years ago, and how the degenerates produced by those administrators are now raising the next generation.