Dim-witted Immorality

Hillary-rings.jpg* Like a Suicide: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney discuss the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, and what should happen to his estate. 

* Even the Boston Tea Party: was immoral… Because protest by destruction of private property and other violence is always immoral. Of course God authorized the use of even lethal violence for self control and for military action on behalf of a legitimate government. So Bob answers questions about violent and non-violent protest in general, and the protest in Hong Kong that shut down the airport there. 

* Taxation with Representation: When President Trump imposed tariffs on Chinese goods as a tactic to change the behavior of the Red Chinese government, (a criminal organization masquerading as a government), he was too ignorant of right and wrong to realize that not only are these taxes economically harmful, but they are an immoral means of dealing with the problem. And as usual, you can find out the right way by tuning in to the show.

* Rhytid-chronology: Find out how Hillary Clinton's face can actually be a valuable tool for teaching children American History.

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