Trump's call for death penalty good; Crowder acquiting video games bad

Not our Walt Brown; the one who has gone to be with the Lord is another Christian man
"The Center for" not Walt's CSC! :)

Bob begins the program by noting that he and Doug McBurney on Monday beat Fox News host Tucker Carlson to the punch. After the tragic El Paso massacre, BEL was the first talk show to state that white supremacy was not the problem. Enyart then affirmed Donald Trump's call for the swift death penalty and whispered a secret on air that Christian teachers are unaware of. Then, lowder than Crowder, Bob explained the grave error that Steven made in his acquiting of violent video games. Finally, with marijuana decriminalization in the west paralleling a surge to 270 million people worldwide using recreational drugs, Bob explains the lesson from the drop in cirrhosis of the liver during America's decade of prohibition, just as he explained at the Huffington Post when debating Colorado's #1 pothead attorney Robert Corry who, tragically, is now psychotic himself.