OO7, OOPerv, HH2H (Helpful Hints to Hollywood )

* Bob Enyart ends today's show giving Hollywood a suggestion on how to deal with their second pervert in a month peeping the James Bond set. What might it mean for a company to fire a criminal employee without knowing the employee's identify? Confused? Bob asks you to hear him out on this one. Also, at the very end of the show, Bob announces that we've added perv Natalie Portman to our List of Liberals Supporting Pedophiles, after we learned that she "demanded" the release of a confessed rapist who jumped bail after admitting to drugging and raping a 13 year old girl. (#MeToo has shamed her into apologizing.) See that at kgov.com/our-big-list-of-liberals-who-support-pedophiles. We've also added an entry at kgov.com/sayings: "Of two billion expectant moms, none ever said, 'I hope it's a homo!'". And the show begins with Bob recounting a call about Pharaoh from one of his sons, and with an argument against taking financial advice based on someone's end times interpretation. Oh yeah, and there's a star that's a billion years older than the universe. Just sayin'. See rsr.org/bb.

* What About Bob? What's it like to be Bob Enyart? Today our third of seven sons called to say, "Dad, when people mention that God hardened pharaoh's heart, and presume that means some kind of mysterious manipulation, they forget that we mere mortals harden hearts all the time. A politician hardens his opponents hearts just by speaking and a scam televangelist hardens the hearts of millions against God. So of course, by the plagues that mocked the gods of the Egyptians, of course that's how God hardened pharaoh's heart." Wise son. Then listening on speaker, our seventh son chimed in. "Also, for the first five plagues Moses wrote that pharaoh's hard was hardened, that is, he had been hardening his own heart, and so it wasn't until later that God further hardened pharaoh's heart, and yeah, that was by bringing the plagues." Wise, wise sons!