The Philistines were Cretans says the Bible and their DNA

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* Philistines were Cretans: The 2019 Science Advances paper confirming Amos 9:7 shows genetically that the Philistines came from the island of Crete, with modern science once again catching up to the knowledge in the Bible. At a related Smithsonian article we commented on ancient DNA possibly deconstructing old myths... 

7/12/19 Smithsonian: When Ancient DNA Gets Politicized

This Smithsonian article about ancient DNA paper in Science Advances, or actually, about the misuse of such papers, was itself a misuse of the paper. The published research, Ancient DNA sheds light on the genetic origins of early Iron Age Philistines, confirmed Amos 9:7 by documenting the European origin of the biblical Philistines who came from the island of Caphtor/Crete. The mainstream media completely obscured this astounding aspect of the study but the Smithsonian actually stood the paper on its head. [See also]

* Leading Atheists tells Bob the Sun is not a Light: Michael Shermer, an editor with Scientific American and founder of the Skeptic Society, talks with Bob Enyart about the Bible, God, and science. In this famous 73-second excerpt Michael Shermer denies that the sun is a light, obviously, not because that's what he actually believes, but apparently out of a habit of refusing to concede even the most obvious claims of Christians.

* Chosen -- It's Not What You Think: Most of the chosen people went to hell.. 

* Mormonism Falsely Claims that Indians are Jews: As briefly mentioned on today's program, in contrast with the Bible's historical veracity, one of the central historical claims of the Book of Mormon, as stated in its introduction as late as 1981, is that Jews were "the principal ancestors of the American Indians" and that would include the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Navajos, etc., are Jews. This false teaching states that some Jews left Jerusalem by ship in about 600 B.C. and built a great civilization in the Americas. Also wrongly about the Americas, "The whole face of the land had become covered with buildings" (Mormon 1:7) including with “fine workmanship… in machinery, and also in iron and copper, and brass and steel, making all manner of tools” (Jarom 1:8; 2 Nephi 5:15) with “silks… oxen… cows… sheep… horses… donkeys… elephants…” (Ether 9:17-19) and "shipping and their building of ships, and of synagogues" and “swords… shields… head-plates… armor…” (Alma 43:18-19; Ether 15:15). None of this is true. See more at

* Dave from Utah Asks BEL for a Show on Fixing Baltimore: Great idea! Stay tuned Dave! Part of the problem of course, in trying to fix a socialist country, is that it's relatively easy to turn an aquarium into fish stew, but it's rather difficult to turn it back into an aquarium. See

* Liberal Baltimore Solution: The LBS includes trying to make it so that folks there can't commit crime. But that violates that central insight at, titled Won't vs. Can't: Public policy should prioritize deterrence over interference. For example, consider this week's California Garlic Festival mass shooting. People are too resourceful to have widespread success in making it so that they can't commit crime. The Gilroy murderer merely avoided security at the front gates by cutting through the perimeter fence. Human beings are almost infinitely creative. Thus, a government's top priority should be making it so that people won't commit crime rather than that they can't commit crime. See more.

* The Federal Reserve Cut Their Overnight Interest Rate: Some Christians oppose the existence of a federal reserve bank. The first step in understanding economics and justifiable banking and lending, begins with an accurate definition of

* An Imprisoned Terrorist who Needs Killin': Speaking of Islam, remember that more than 35,360 deadly Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11. That's NOT a misprint. Please read that again. And think. We link to the list at Also, a report delivered at the liberal Counsel on Foreign Relations found in one year 121 violent Islamist groups operating in 66 countries committed more than a dozen attacks a day in Allah's name murdering 42,000 people just in 2017. Double that to count Syria too. See all this at CBS News. So we Christians need to strongly support the death penalty as affirmed in the New Testament!