The Grinch who Stole the 9/11 Compensation

homosexuality-meme-lgbt-bi-HUH.jpgNo, it wasn't George W. Bush, or Rudy Guiliani, or even Christine Todd Whitman. After today's show, it should be Bob Enyart. He just aired probably the only program in the country (conservative or otherwise, and if you know of another, please email that presented the arguments against increasing funding for those apparently suffering from the 9/11 clean up project. Bob also described an LGBT meme that's now permanently housed on our page that recognizes the hateful use of the letter B. And regardless, LGBT stands for Letting Go of Biological Truth. Then we aired the audio of yet another pro-abort admitting that abortion is killing and that it doesn't matter when human life begins. How do you respond to that? National Right To Life for years, perhaps until forcefully confronted by BEL, claimed that we would win the abortion fight by the laws of science. But, which law of physics, chemistry, or biology uses the words right and wrong? The only actual answer to such an arguments appears in the shortest article ever published in the history of articles. See that, written by Bob Enyart, at In fact, we'll reprint the entire article right here: 
Abortion is wrong because it's a baby and it's always wrong to intentionally kill a baby and that's because children are made in God's image and God said, Do not kill the innocent.