Disputing Demoralization

* Don’t Worship Anonymity:  Bob and co-host Doug McBurney talk about the immorality of one of the companies with a large human DNA database. Their impending decision to lock the police out of their database will cost lives and is should be universally condemned.

* From AmericanRTL.org/heritage

Netflix & Planned Parenthood: Netflix put Blockbuster out of business. Blockbuster put thousands of mom and pop video stores out of business. This is only the streamlining of the film distribution channel and doesn't mean that people are watching fewer films. Planned Parenthood put many independent abortion mills out of business. (In the 1990s they were even sued FPA, a California abortion chain for unfair business practices. Incidentally, FPA's founder Edward Allred committed Gianna Jessen's "failed" abortion. Gianna's case became public when she testified against another abortionist, William Waddill, accused of strangling another baby who survived his abortion.) Chemical abortifacients, etc., including the Morning After Pill (see 2015 and 2019 reports) are reducing the number of surgical abortions and putting individual abortionists out of business. None of this means that fewer children are being killed by abortion.

* Steel Worker, Construction Worker, Sex Worker: With the introduction of a bill to legalize prostitution in New York it is now just a matter of time until one of the most harmful and dangerous things a woman can be forced to do will be presented as a “legitimate” career path.

 * Streamlining Murder: Tune in to hear about a report on how pharmacists are having a hard time keeping up with demand for chemical abortion pills. They call it the “morning after” pill, and it’s a big hit with the teenage crowd, and catastrophic for the soul.

 * Correction for Today's Program: The 17-year-old girl we discuss on today's progream was not euthanized but, and still with great sin and sadness, committed suicide. [We inserted a correction in today's audio also, just prior to the broadcast.] She had applied to a clinic in Holland to be killed, but in denying her request, and being wicked, they suggested that she could re-apply when she turned 21. Even with this correction, there is much guilt to go around.
- First as adults turn to suicide and euthanasia to solve their problems, teenagers do likewise and, as in America, suicide is among the top causes of death of young people.
- Secondly, many news sources followed the Italian outlet that misreported her death as by euthanasia. The New York Post, for example, reported this as a possible euthanasia, yet, significantly, like other outlets, they expressed no moral outrage. Every person and media outlet that mentioned this terrible case share in the bloodguilt of our day unless they condemned euthanasia for anyone and for any reason.
- Third, Denver's Children's Hospital advised the parents of little Dylan Walborn to euthanize him by starving him to death, which they did with the open or at least tacit approval of the Denver Post, the apathetic governing officials, the entire media and medical community, and the cultural and church leaders. So, just like ‘medical” marijuana, the façade of clinical limitation of euthanasia will gradually fall away, to make even more overt the original, evil intent of those decriminalizing crime: expressing their hatred of God and of the innocent.