The Pope is Listening

* Working for Walt Brown:  Bob’s and guest host Doug McBurney expose some fake news in a headline about fossilized bacterial bio-signatures, and Bob discusses how what the reporters want to be proof of aliens ismore likely proof of the Global Flood as presented in Walt Brown’s Hydroplate theory.


* Three for Three: Bob asks Doug which of the three stories, (involving an iguana, a baseball bat and a .357 magnum) also involved marijuana.


* Pope Obvious I: Hear how Pope Benedict agrees with Bob Enyart Live, that it was homosexuality in the seminaries that led to the epidemic of child molestation in the Catholic Church, (and it was not merely “the 1960s” as implied in Matt Drudge’s fake news headline).


* Where is God? When a Sri Lankan father’s children asked him that question after hearing and seeing all about the terrorist massacre on TV, Bob took it as an opportunity to help everyone understand that God as in the same place He was on the day He sacrificed His son on the cross for the sin of the world.