Ray Comfort on The Atheist Delusion on RSR

Hell's Best Kept Secret* Ray Comfort Interviews and Resources Here at BEL:
- 2009 Ray Comfort on Leading an Atheist to Evidence
- 2011 Ray Comfort about his stunning abortion film, "180" The Movie
- 2013 Ray Comfort on BEL about his film Evolution vs God
- 2015 Embedded atop our rsr.org/homosexuality page see Ray's film: Audacity
- 2016 Ray Comfort on his film The Atheist Delusion: Why Millions Deny the Obvious.

Today's Resource: Here at RSR, we offer Ray Comfort's video, produced with Kirk Cameron, Hell's Best Kept Secret. BTW, one of our dearest friends, pro-life missionary Cal Zastrow smuggled into China boxes of Ray's Way of the Master book! And check out this list of atheists whom we've debated here at Real Science Radio.