Midwest BEL Listeners: Patterns of Evidence is EXCEPTIONAL!!!

Mahoney's Patterns of Evidence: Moses ControversyGet Sequel Tickets for Tonight! The Moses sequel to Patterns of Evidence is in theaters tonight March 19th! So RSR urges you to get tickets and go to the final showing for 6:30 this evening! Let's help this tremendous sequel do well!

The title of today's program is, "Midwest BEL Listeners: Patterns of Evidence is EXCEPTIONAL!!!" Agreed. Tim Mahoney's publicist was so excited to hear the following from BEL listeners: "My husband Doug and I attended the Saturday showing of Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy at the Regal Cinemas in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. It was EXCEPTIONAL!!! The film moved us both to tears! I'm so GRATEFUL for Timothy Mahoney and his crisis of faith. What a demonstration of God's Faithfulness to the hearts who search Him out and test to see that the LORD is GOOD!!!! -Melody" Amen Melopdy! (And by the way, we wonder if the ancient Hebrew word "Amen" originated with the Pharaoh of Joseph, Amenemhat III, who affirmed everything that his Vizier Joseph said?) Bob also gives a quick debrief on his Decatur Alabama young-earth creation presentation, Dinosaur, Diamonds, & DNA, wonderfully hosted by Pastor Brian McLaughlin of Fairview Baptist Church! Then, Bob plays the audio track to the latest video on our BEL YouTube channel, "After 'Worst abortion video yet' (100k views), now THIS???"