Home of the Brave?

Mahoney's Patterns of Evidence: Moses ControversyGet Sequel Tickets for Tomorrow! The Moses sequel to Patterns of Evidence is in theaters tomorrow night March 19th! So RSR urges you to get tickets for yourself and friends! Patterns packed out many theaters! Let's help the tremendous sequel do well! And as you may know, filmmaker Tim Mahoney joined Bob at rsr.org/mahoney-moses.

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* Threading the Needle:  Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney tells Kamala Harris that the reason she is offended by people like Karen and Mike Pence is because she is a degenerate slut who slept her way to political prominence and they are not. 

* Peak Stupid: Remember Peak Oil? Well, the doom-sayers forgot to tell American drillers about it. Because America will surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest petroleum exporter this year, (as predicted by your host)! 

* Innocent Blood: Get an update on the latest terrorist attack, and how it relates to the greatest mass murder in all of human history occurring quietly in a neighborhood near you. 

* Islam is Evil: We’ll look in on the investigation of child rape at a Mosque in Philadelphia where children are forced to marry adults while worshippers participate in a religion founded by a pedophile

* Gavin Newsom is More Evil: Find out more about one of the many reasons Gavin Newsom (unless he repents) will burn in Hell for all eternity: his moratorium on the Death Penalty in California. 

* The Wrong Hill to Die On: Rural Sheriffs are defying leftist maniacs trying to take away their guns. But where were they when the same leftists legalized child killing! 

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