Dying (and Killing) to Feel Good

* Satan’s Big Night Out:  Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney discusses the Oscars he didn’t watch and names the biggest winner of the night.


* Back to Vietnam: Donald Trump would be returning to Vietnam had he gone when he had the opportunity, but instead this is his first visit there while in the service of the American government.


* Opioids & the Death Penalty: Hear about legislation seeking to impose murder charges on drug dealers and find out why and when drug dealers should be executed.


* Cold Cases Refute DNA Deniers: For over 20 years Bob Enyart Live has advocated for a national DNA database over the shrill cries of liberals & libertarians. But the cold case work of CeCe Moore and others might just silence even the staunchest DNA database deniers.


* “Feel Good” Abortion Stories: Come along and hear stories of abortion from CNN designed to warm your heart, (but really just turn our stomach).


* Keep Us Broadcasting a Biblical Worldview: Go online right now and give all you can to keep Bob on the air for another year. Jesus Christ is The Truth, the Bible is a criminal justice text book, and the voice of Bob Enyart Live is critical to getting those messages, and manifold others out.