A View from the Edge of the Cliff

Prescient Enyart: "I'd rather be choked than woked", a week before the Smollet hoax.* Lose the Noose Man: Why would proud homosexual Jussie Smollett keep the noose around his neck that his "racist attackers" put there? Perhaps because he’s lying?

* From Back on January 21, 2019: Bob and Doug aired a show called, "I'd rather be choked than woked." Well it turns out that happened to be an episode from KGOV's The Early News: Before it happens. As it turns out, one week before America's most woke actor, Jussie Smollett, attacked himself, in typical prescience, Bob provided the motivation. "I'd rather be choked than woked." -Enyart (channeling Smollet)

* The 2nd Most Expensive Affair Ever: Jeff Bezos is going to pay an enormous sum for his adultery, (and not just financially). But his children will pay more. And no matter the justifications other deviants try to make, find out why the Bezos affair could go down as the second most expensive ever. And see the screenshot of Bob's comment to pro-adultery Glenn Greenwald.

* Donald Trump Himself Condemned the Attack: President Trump immediately condemned the alleged hate crime as "horrible". That helps to illustrate that it's not inherently wrong to accept an apparent victim's claim of being attacked. Of course though, as contrary evidence surfaces, in cases involving political motivation, etc., kgov.com/bias will typically result in one "side" or the other tending to deny that evidence.

Bob Enyart cmt to pro- adultery Glenn Greenwald at the Intercept* Socialism in your Face: Listen in as Bob and Doug discuss the intellectual disconnect of a generation of Americans warming to socialism, as a socialist civilizational collapse occurs right before their eyes in Venezuela.

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* Happy "Death to America": The Iranian mullahs meant to say happy anniversary, but they just seem to be stuck on the whole "Death to America" chant. Bob and co-host Doug McBurneydiscuss the original Islamic State 40 years on.