Speaking of Thanksgiving: Two bird wings...

Photo of bird wing in amber.* Bird Wings in Amber: For Thanksgiving weekend, Real Science Radio reairs a program with one of our favorite researchers, "Brian Thomas: Two Bird Wings in Amber Means..." Bob Enyart interviews in studio fossil expert Brian Thomas on the two bird wings that have been found in two pieces of amber. Thomas, from the Dallas-based Institute for Creation Research, presents the various ways that these preserved specimens falsify the alleged 100-million-year age of these fossils. Brian is the world's top science author on the many, many discoveries from around the world of fresh fossils, that is, of those that contain original biological material that has survived within dinosaur bones and many other kinds of fossils. Such biological material (like bits of soft tissue still extant in Egyptian mummies) has survived for the thousands of years since so many of those creatures were destroyed in the global flood of Noah's day.

* Our Very Own bflist.rsr.org Led Us to This: Wow! At the online spreadsheet catalog at bflist.rsr.org curated by Bob Enyart and Ph.D. paleobiochemist from the University of Liverpool, Brian Thomas, of 107 papers, there's a link in the Candidates section that led to this astounding x-ray tomography of a spider in Baltic Amber Imaged Using Phase Contrast .

* Ancient Hierarchical Insect Society: "Thanks to some well-preserved remains, researchers now believe arthropod social structures have been around longer than anyone ever imagined. The encased specimens of ants and termites recently studied date back [allegedly] 100 million years." See more at rsr.org/squeeze.