The Delicious Demise of the Democrats and Other Current Events

Correction: Bob wrongly said that the youngest child killed was 17 months old. However, an unborn child was also killed and, correctly, counted among those murdered. (See also

Bob Enyart's back from his two-week geology field trip with Dr. Walt Brown and other creation leaders, so he reviews from a Christian worldview the latest news developments.

There's the metastasizing Weinstein/Hollywood/media/liberal sex scandal documenting the hypocrisy of the left.

The demise of the Democrats with Hillary buying the DNC (probably using Russian money :) and rigging the "democratic" primary and then paying millions for Russian fake news attempting to throw the election.

Bob also advocates the coming war with North Korea. And points out that guns don't kill people. Atheists do. More evidence comes from yesterday's horrific church massacre and the tens of millions of their own people slaughtered by the atheist, socialist, and Darwinist governments of China and the Soviet Union.

Also, in a coup for KGOV, Bob conducted an off-the record interview of an MGM employee regarding the Mandalay Bay massacre and the absurd conspiracy theories.

Bob also celebrated the release of the Kennedy and bin Laden documents and mourned the passing of thousands of young penguins in Antarctica, all dead because selfish liberals won't burn enough fossil fuel to melt the ice so these cute little creatures can get into the ocean.

Finally, as ISIS loses their capital city of Raqqa, Bob explains the etymology of Raqqa, Africa, Iraq, and many other geographic regions, as at