Viral Seattle Coffeeshop Abolitionist on BEL

Christian abolitionists were in Seattle behaving like Christian and warning the city to stop killing unborn children and to ask for God's forgiveness through Jesus Christ. This atypical event ended in a viral video when the homosexual owner of the Bedlam coffee shop went homo on peaceful Christians. Jonathan Sutherland talks to Bob Enyart about the event that's been reported by Breitbart, the Blaze, Redstate, the Washington Times, the Daily Wire, World Net Daily, over in London by the Mirror and in Australia, the American Thinker and by Western Journalism, by New York, Seattle, and many homosexual outlets, and last night by Sean Hannity on Fox News. Through this 2-minute video millions have now seen how countless homosexuals behave when lovingly confronted with the love of Jesus Christ. The beautiful people, those who are tolerant, respectful, and affirming of everyone, actually are broiling over with hatred, filth, and blasphemy. Now that the pro-life movement has failed, it’s Jesus Christ who is America's hope, as affirmed by abolitionists like those over at AHA ( Also, Jonathan Sutherland mentions Dan Fisher, running on an abolitionist platform for Governor of Oklahoma. For more information, see The Liberator and for the flyer that enraged a Seattle homosexual, see