Adam from Mishawaka on Homosexual People

Okay, okay, yes, yes, Bob was perhaps a tad bit rude to Adam for his defense of homosexuality, which lasted through a five-minute on-air discussion, which was that homosexuals were people. He was then utterly unwilling to comprehend Bob’s rebuttal that NAZIs are people, child molesters are people, murderers are people, rapists are people, and none of those observations mean that their behavior is virtuous. Like millions of young people who have been processed by our godless education system, Adam appears unable to think. And thank you to everyone who has given to our annual BEL September telethon, so far $12,900 of our vital $30,000 goal. Please help if you can by calling 1-800-8Enyart (836-9278) or going online to and clicking on our store!