Marriage and Geology in North Korea and the World

Bob Enyart reports on Bloomberg's article, Why You're Being Invited to Fewer Weddings, and the role of frustration in the collapse of the biblical worldview among many Christian activist leaders. Marriage is NOT the function of the church. It preceded the church, preceded Israel, and like family and government, was instituted by God for all of mankind. See also In addition to talking about BEL's vital annual telethon, Bob also reported on the earthquakes from nuclear tests and even from fracking, as just more evidence (along with the 800,000 people killed, tragically, by earthquakes since BEL's Age of the Earth Debate with a geophysicist) that the Earth has not settled over 4.5 billion years but is still unstable. See also And please consider giving to our annual telethon at 1-800-8Enyart or online at So far we're up to $7,600 of our $30,000 goal.