Bob Meets with Listeners about a Racist Allegation

Bob shares his discussion this morning with listeners about an allegation of racism in their community. Asked for his gut feel, Bob said that the allegation was false and the episode was either completely fabricated or it misconstrued an actual event. Either way, it was false. As it turns out, as Bob relates on today's program, the "racists" were not racists at all whereas the prejudiced person was the one pre-judging and wrongly accusing them of racism. So far to our knowledge no apology has been issued. Also, for a $20 weekly participation fee (toward meeting the BEL telethon goal) Bob has opened up his weekly Monday video conference call (on Google Hangouts) to any audience members who would like to participate in Real Science Radio's ongoing research and science projects. Everyone is welcome, and training, if needed, comes with participation. Get an education, enjoying interacting with Bob and some of his long-time associates, and help reach people with the truth of God's Word!