KKK Head on Peter Boyles and Bob Enyart Radio Shows

Before contrasting the so-called Grand Wizard's appearance on these two Denver programs, Bob discussed Saturday’s racist event in Charlottesville. The white supremacists get condemned, properly, including by everyone who knows right from wrong, in the most severe terms. The 20-year old racist James Fields who murdered an innocent victim using his car as a weapon should already have been tried, convicted, and executed. 32-year old murder victim Heater Heyer was of course right to be there protesting against those who hate blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and others. Bob then speaks briefly about Donald Trump's failure so far to get the racists to hate him too. Today's program then contrasts the two in-studio interviews 26 years ago by Denver's Peter Boyles and by Bob Enyart, with the leader of the Ku Klux Klan. (He may have called himself the grand wizard, the grand dragon, or the imperial wizard). The show closes contrasting the Apostle Paul's accurate and respectful teaching that all races are equal with Charles Darwin's racist writing that as different from Europeans (Caucasians), blacks, he falsely claimed, were closer to baboons and gorillas.