Honoring Kate Steinle

* Symbol Over Substance: Today guest host Doug McBurney excoriates RE-publicans for their shameful grandstanding, culminating in the passage of the “symbolic Kate’s Law” bill that is insulting to both the memory of Kate Steinle and the maniac who murdered her, (oh wait… he’s still alive… oh wait, he hasn’t even gone on trial yet). Find out what the right response to Kate Steinle’s murder would be.

* Hawking Condemnation: Stephen Hawking turned 75 this year, (proving God is merciful) and he is still losing his marbles, still deceiving children, and apparently still struggling to understand his own sin.

* Finding Goldilocks: We were all waiting with baited breath for NASA’s BIG announcement of the discovery of alien life… and then we remembered that the staff at ANONYMOUS is a bunch of drug addicts and that perhaps they are not to be taken seriously…