RE-publicans, Catholics, Hip Hop…

* Not Even Half: …of the baby was offered to young Charlie Gards Family. No, the British State has mandated that they must devour the whole thing. Guest host Doug McBurney updates the story of Charlie Gard, (the sick little boy in England sentenced to death by the state, the NHS, and the Supreme Court). Listen in as the Vatican throws Charlie under the bus, and the Hill Magazine falsely reports that Donald Trump has offered to help!

* Born This Way: …or maybe not so much. Some decades after giving birth to “Jay Z”, Gloria Carter has announced that she is a lesbian! (Hear your host rap all about it)!

* Crack is Rap is Crack: Doug reports on a “Welcome Home from Prison” party for a coked up rapper in Atlanta where a few dozen of his friends were arrested by socially attentive police.